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USA Boxing Embraces Inclusivity, Transgender Fighters Permitted in Landmark Decision


In a landmark decision USA boxing has announced that transgender Fighters will be allowed to fight and sanction bouts with opponents matching their gender identity the policy will take effect on January 1st 2024 Fighters must be over the age of 18 and have medically transitioned furthermore they must be

Able to provide proof of quarterly hormone testing over the last 4 years violation of the policy will carry a one-year suspension for the fighter no fights under this new policy have been announced at the time of writing founded in 1989 USA boxing is the national governing board of Olympic style boxing

In the United States the decision of USA boxing marks a break from the international boxing community’s consensus approach to transgender Fighters This is best summarized by WBC president Mauricio suan whose organization has sought to establish an entirely separate set of weight divisions for transgender gender athletes the ruling has seen significant

Backlash from anti-trans activists and a number of high-profile boxers such as former ibf Champion ebony Bridges several cisgender maale boxers have also criticized the policy Ohio governor veto’s ban on transgender athletes the announcement of USA boxing’s news policy is just the latest major transgender related policy move it

Comes days after Ohio Governor Mike dwine vetoed a Statewide ban on transgender miners competing in sporting activities that did not match their gender identity while the Republican controlled State Legislature has enough votes for a veto override Ohio has seen plenty of conflict within its Republican delegation furthermore the banss will be

Challenged by federal protections passed by the Biden Administration that will be enacted in 2024 furthermore announcing his decision dwine stated that he did not believe that the bill was beneficial dwine said that the number of people affected by the bill would be small however he noted that for those

Children who face gender dysphoria and for their families the consequences of this bill could not be more profound ultimately I believe this is about protecting human life Ohio becomes one of the few holdouts in the US more than 2020 states have enacted similar bills over the last 2 years

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