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Donald Trump Removed From Maine Primary Ballot


Maine secretary of state has announced that Donald Trump has been removed from next year’s presidential primary ballot shenna belloo cited a Civil War era Clause of the 14th amendment that bars insurrectionists from running for president if the ruling stands Maine will become the second state to remove Trump from the ballot earlier in

December the Colorado Supreme Court excluded Trump from the state’s ballot using the same precedent however Bellos became the first elected official to disbar Trump from the ballot however whether these rulings will stand will likely depend on the Supreme Court scotus has never had to rule on amendment 14 Section 3 before

But with States seemingly exercising their constitutional right the court will likely intervene to have the final say it will set up a fascinating battle between the Court’s conservative leaning and many of the Justice’s public stance as constitutional absolutists no date has been set for for scotus to rule on the rights of states

To disbar Trump on state ballots Donald Trump disputes Home Alone two allegations meanwhile Trump has been fighting claims that he bullied his way into a cameo and home alone too I was very busy and didn’t want to do it they were very nice but above all persistent I agreed and the rest is

History Trump wrote on Truth social the brief moment in which Kevin McAllister runs and to Trump and asks for directions was filmed in the lobby of the then Trump owned Plaza Hotel Trump then went on to claim that his brief Cameo was the driving force of the film’s massive success the claims that

Trump forced his way into a cameo stem from a 2020 interview with the film’s director Chris Columbus while speaking with Business Insider Columbus claimed that Trump offered the lobby of the plaza for free as long as he got a part in the film Columbus said he had gone to Trump after

Finding it impractical to recreate the iconic Lobby on a sound St

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