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The Alchemist Reacts To Billboard’s Best Hip Hop Producers List Snub


The Alchemist keeps proving himself as one of the game’s best producers year after year but it seems like not everyone’s caught up moreover billboard recently put out their list of the 25 best hip-hop producers of all time including Dr Dre the neptun Jay Dilla and many more however Uncle L didn’t make the

List something that many hipop fans lamented online despite the incredibly steep competition across the culture’s 50 years via Twitter on Thursday December 28th he suggested that he was pretty unbothered by the lack of mention while maintaining that the important thing is to focus on proving yourself right every single time but my mommy

Said I’m the best LOL The Alchemist joked along with a Praying Hands Emoji in response to Billboard’s ranking just keep going CR asterisk zy he added about an hour later on the social media platform seemingly continuing his train of thought ignore the scoreboard by the

Time they do the the math you’ll be so up that it won’t even matter given the California natives incredible and prolific run of projects and credits in the 2020s decade alone it’s clear that he’s not slowing down at all in this regard The Alchemist responds to billboard omitting him from best rap

Producers list most recently in fact just yesterday at press time The Alchemist released Hall and Nash 2 a collaborative tape with Conway the machine and Westside gun this was originally meant to be a sequel mixtape to the original Hall and Nash by the Griselda Duo over half a decade ago alas

They used some of these tracks like Rey Mysterio for other projects but they now released the original version of the record for fans to enjoy not only that but apparently they’re coming through with an revamped version later in 2024 which should be very exciting meanwhile the 46-year-old also

Has some new music with yassim B coming soon of which he previewed some at a recent show as his collaborations expand and his status further cements itself in the Contemporary game he becomes much more than just a legend LeBron’s still putting up spectacular numbers why can’t

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