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Frank Ocean Makes History As Independent Artist Thanks To Streaming Numbers


Frank Ocean is a complex leader in the art world as he is as mysterious and reserved as he is beloved and sought after moreover this unique position and the strength of his incredible and consistently quality discography made him one of the most popular artists working today now the former Odd Future

Kuner became the most streamed independent artist of all time after reaching over 14 billion streams on Spotify note he wasn’t always independent when folks shared this news online many reacted with more theories as to when he will finally drop his fulllength followup to 2016’s blonde those are as unfounded as ever but

Things may change very soon furthermore die hards went into a frenzy earlier this year when Frank Ocean teased not one but two new songs over the course of a few days sonically they seem quite sparse cavernous chilled out and minimal while nonetheless displaying some vocal Charisma and engaging

Soundscapes of course this didn’t really manifest into anything but fans hope that there will be much more to chew on in 2024 after all the 36-year-old couldn’t have performed at Coachella this year and teased a new project for nothing right right Frank Ocean reaches massive Milestone as independent artist regardless this whole debacle

Actually turned quite ironic recently thanks to an interaction with another artist who’s Infamous for not dropping music Playboy cardi posted a screenshot of a DM he allegedly sent Frank Ocean asking for him to drop the snippet that he teased and thus he promoted both of their rollouts and social media activity

If there’s anyone that can convince a hibernating Beast to leave their cave maybe it’s their mate snoozing right next to them as such hopefully this inspires some more movement in this regard or at least gives him more motivation to keep going meanwhile that motivation is something that the lens

Icon provided to none other than the one and only Andre 3000 not only did he listen and give his thoughts on his new album new blue Sun before it came out but three stacks also spoke recently about how it was a blessing for artists like Frank to give

Him feature spots after his career started to wrap up here’s hoping he’s not in that phase yet for more news and the latest updates on Frank Ocean the most streamed independent artist of all time sticker

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