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JT Falls In Heels At City Girls Show, Yung Miami Saves The Day


Besides being the strongest Lyricist of the two city girls JT is also the rap Diva with a fashion education that she uses to keep herself looking fly her taste certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but that hasn’t stopped the Florida native from moving confidently on and off stage during a recent performance

The noil bars hitmaker wore sky-high heels that unfortunately made her fall to the floor while performing on stage thankfully her partner and Ryme young Miami was beside her to Hype her up and get their show back on track in the clip below JT seems to lose her footing as

Take youro man blares over the speakers after the city girl awkwardly stumbles backward under covers we see khaw brownly crossing over to help make sure she’s okay before getting back to spitting into the microphone I love how Miami went to help her and hyped her back up real friend

She clapping hands medium dark skin tone one Instagram user observed in at then borhood talks comments JT might tumble sometimes but she always gets back up the way I would have went backstage gonee head khaw just finish it rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing loudly crying face

Loudly crying face loudly crying face loudly crying face someone else quit praising JT for not letting a small fall embarrass her as we move into 2024 it’s unclear exactly what the act up artists are planning to share with their fans though the 31-year-old has hinted at her

Desire to release more solo music as she continues to grow as an artist at this point in their careers young Miami and JT are no strangers to criticism from hip-hop heads still they never let the bad attitudes of others get them down instead they use it to

Fuel their fires and become even better at their craft read more about the first week sales for their raw LP earlier this fall at the link below

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