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Rihanna’s Star Struck Encounter with Real Housewives Star Kyle Richards in Aspen


Rihanna is easily one of the biggest celebrities in the world but that doesn’t mean she never gets Star Struck when crossing paths with others in the Limelight it’s no secret that the mother of two is a fan of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchises and during her ongoing vacation in Aspen with ASAP

Rocky and their sons she was fortunate enough to cross paths with Kyle Richards the Halloween actress is a regular on The Beverly Hills edition of the show and she happened to be shopping at the same private room in kimosabe with ra and the mayor’s Boys on Thursday December 28th according to TMZ the

Reality Starlet was with her daughters and estranged husband Mauricio uminski during her unexpected runin with the Bad Gal when Richards overheard an employee mentioned that Rihanna was in the building she took a chance and asked for an introduction to which the latter reportedly said f asterisk asterisk

KS their family spent some time mingling together and after K came through with a late Christmas gift for her new friend friends Rihanna gets a late Christmas gift from Kyle Richards the robcast member was kind enough to spend nearly $900 on a turquoise beaver hat which is

Sure to bring a fun pop of color to some of rih’s future fits according to an Insider the umbrella singer only made a visit to the store because she previously saw Richard shop there on TV besides her gift the Barbadian beauty also left with new boots belts and hats

To spice up her wardrobe Rihanna’s been continuing on her trend of being a worldwide fashioned Killa in Aspen but we would expect nothing less of her when cameras first caught her and ASAP Rocky on their holiday trip we were pleased to see the happy couple rocking matching shoes to coordinate their

Outfits find photos of that adorable moment at the link below

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  1. @aaronroseman says

    Rihanna is a fan of the real housewives! It’s crazy how she’s 1000xs more famous than kyle ahf star struck by her

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