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French Montana Unveils Mac & Cheese 5 Cover Art


French Montana took inspiration from his home country of Morocco for the Recently unveiled mac and cheese five album cover moreover the mixtape which will end the mac and cheese series that defined much of his rise and his career is set to release on January 5th one week before

This on Friday December 29th the South Bronx rapper took to social media to share this new cover along with Worldstar and fans seem pretty excited for the effort however others expressed concern for the im’s presumed reference to satanic one ey imagery or the Illuminati which is definitely reading way too

Deeply into it what’s more is That French Montana is really balling out a lot these days in the leadup to this new Project’s release as he wants to get into a celebratory mood for example he recently showed off his pricey and stylish fit at a recent NBA game between

The Milwaukee Bucks and the Brooklyn Nets many fans noticed the no stylist MC Lewis vuon Air Force Ones which she said in the video in question that they cost him $200,000 that’s a ridiculous bag for some shoes but when you’re a successful as he is you can afford the indulgences

Every once in a while French Montana’s mac and cheese five cover art in addition to the standard flexing French Montana is also reflecting on the most definitive parts of his career that he wants to continue to represent during a recent appearance on Fame and flavor with food influencer

Cuine the colon star asked him what the Coke and Coke Boys stands for according to the 39-year-old the title and label name which was previously named cocaine City Records actually stands for creation of Kings everywhere that’s a worthwhile pursuit to Champion albe it a cheeky Dodge of the more obvious

Interpretation meanwhile what do you think about this mac and cheese 5 cover and whether or not there are any occult references here also what did you think of his little baby assisted sing okay to kick off the lead up to it however you may feel let us know in the comments

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