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Tasha K & Cardi B Defamation Case ,Blogger Dodging Nearly $4M Payment As Femcee Seeks Justice


Just a few months ago it was surprising to see cardi B and Tasha K seemingly putting their issues behind them in favor of Peace because of her big heart the be careful artist nearly went through with a major change in favor of the YouTuber the latter was hoping to

Reduce her nearly $4 million payment after coming out on top in their defamation lawsuit however when cardi heard what Tasha had to say about another star Will Smith and his rumored extramarital affairs with another man she was decidedly less interested in cutting her Nemesis any slack now that the unwind

With Tasha K host is now facing another lawsuit this one from Kevin Hart hipop DX reports that the rap diva is ramping up her efforts to secure her money the outlet obtained documents that assert Tasha has nearly $30,000 in cash on hand and that she spends over $20,000 per

Month on luxuries like travel eating out and other categories of entertainment cardi is additionally seeking information on the blog bloggers Georgia home and other assets at this time cardi B refuses to take her foot off of Tasha K’s throat back in the summer the New Yorker and her legal team

Sent multiple subpoenas to five banking institutions elsewhere cardi addressed the I Am Legend actor situation on IG live saying I don’t like how I was fooled a couple of weeks ago I don’t like what people be doing to Will Smith I be feeling like Will Smith is very

Unpro and I feel like he got like a nice heart it’s hard to deny that the past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for cardi B rather than taking accountability for her feelings and allowing herself to move from a position of power the mother of two is now

Blaming her fan base for upsetting her read everything bardy had to say during her scathing social media rant at the link below

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