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Plies Is Over Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You


For many Mariah car’s 1994 hit All I Want For Christmas Is You remains a holiday staple some on the other hand feel that it’s been overplayed PES finds himself in the second category recently airing his frustrations with the classic with his Instagram followers in a new clip the Florida born

Performer tells fans that his mother can’t get enough of the song unfortunately he was nothing short of fed up I met my mother asteris kin mom house do you hear this he begins the Christmas Banger blasting in the background I’m sick of hearing this motherf asterisk kin Song Ma all right

He continues revealing that while he’s still a Mariah fan he could do without the famous track which managed to rake in a whopping 23.7 million streams on December 24th this year alone PES has had enough I love Mother asteris kin Mariah just like everybody else loves

Her but there ain’t no godamn way you want me to believe this is the only mother of asteris kin Christmas song Mariah Carey got no mother asterisk kin way Mariah wanted nobody that mother asterisk kin bad luckily for him Christmas has now come and gone which hopefully means he won’t have to endure

The hit for at least another year PES is no stranger to revealing his wild holiday takes however as seen last month on Thanksgiving the rapper shared a clip of himself injecting his holiday turkey which he thought was reminiscent of a BBL this sh asteris T reminded me of a

BBL job he joked I think I just might have cracked the code he added I’m over here injecting my turkey and all I’m thinking about is this how they do the bbls what do you think of PES claiming that Mariah carries All I Want for Christmas Is overplayed do you agree

With him or are you still a fan of the track share your thoughts in the comments section down below and keep an

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