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Kanye West’s Motorcade Proves He Doesn’t Play About Security


As is the case with most of his past album rollouts vulture’s arrival hasn’t been going as smoothly as Kanye West was hoping instead the rapper Miami Rave shut down early thankfully his Hots asterisk asterisk te collaborator Lil Durk came through to save the day by streaming from an unknown location

Elsewhere he’s having issues with sample clearance from the Backstreet Boys on his everybody song as well as with Nicki Minaj’s verse on new body while he attempts to convin his fellow artists to help his vision see the light of day ye is obviously taking his security seriously in the video below a multi-car

Motorcade transports him and his Entourage to their next location the 46-year-old’s eldest child Northwest is celebrating with him at various rollout events this month so it’s not entirely surprising to see him moving in precedent fashion whether it comes to their online presence or day-to-day events the Yeezy founder has

Made it clear that his family’s safety isn’t something he plays about Kanye West values his safety for now the new vulture’s release date remains unknown as Minaj continues to troll West and his stands her comments are flooding with hipop heads begging her to consider finally releasing one of her best

Verses living up to her name Mrs Petty seems insistent on giving Y A Taste of his own medicine as he refused to share the track when she originally asked 3 years ago before leaking it online Kanye West’s four children spend most of their time with their mother Kim Kardashian but still stepmom Bianca

Sorri has concern for their well-being too after hearing the schemes Founders comments about how her ex-husband and his new wife spend time without security she reportedly feels as though Kim could be jeopardizing North Saint Chicago and salm read more about that at the link below and check back later for more hip

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