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Kanye West Selling Near Gutted Malibu Home For $53M


Kanye West appears to be offloading some real estate as he prepares for the release of vultures according to Hollywood Reporter the rapper is selling his Malibu mansion at a loss a reflection of its near- gutted interior with the help of selling Sunset star Jason oppenheim y beach home which he bought 2

Years ago for $57 million is currently on the market for 53.7 million critzer prizewinning Japanese architect tadada Ando designed the beach house which boasts views of the Pacific Ocean from every room however it seems as though you removed a significant amount of the interior which will now require some

Work what’s missing are the Interiors Oppenheimer told HR he revealed that it would require several millions of dollars to redesign the inside of the home it’s priced to reflect the need for the interior finishes to be replaced on the positive it can be brought up to 2024 standards it was built about 10

Years ago fortunately the concrete design from Ando is intact the home boasts a sprawling 4,000 square ft and uses 1,200 tons of concrete and 200 tons of steel reinforcement along with 12 large pylons burrowed 60 ft deep into the sand Kanye gears up for vultures release in other

News cone West and taala sign appear to have set a release date for their forthcoming album vultures the album is due out on December 31st although considering Kanye’s track record that’s subject to change over the past few weeks y has heavily hinted at the Project’s release culminating in a

Few listening parties although fans expected the project to drop on Friday December 15th Kanye failed to deliver this happened even after hosting another listening party on Friday that got shut down however during the Miami vultures Rave you brought out a of guests who appeared on the project so far we know

That offset Lil Durk Bump J Freddy Gibbs and his daughter Northwest contributed to the album he also previewed a new version of Kanye and Nicki Minaj’s new body unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it will make the final cut regardless it seems as though Kanye and taala sign aim

To close out 2023 on a high

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