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Lizzo Claims Designer’s Harassment Lawsuit Is False & Obscene


The lawsuits against lizo have quieted down as 2023 roles to a close but they’re still persistent moreover there are two big cases on the floor right now one from her former dancers whom she allegedly harassed a similar harassment law suit came forth from designer Asha Daniels who worked on the singer special tour

Earlier this year in it she claims that she faced a culture of racism and bullying while working with her which coincide with the dancer allegations regardless the Detroit natives legal team recently blasted This legal filing from Daniels and stand by their client positing that the designer is a disgruntled former employee who played

Hookie one day of a show and was cut 3 weeks into their track furthermore lizzo’s attorney Martin D singer filed a motion to dismiss this case in Los Angeles court on Friday December 15th just like the defense did with the dancer case in it he labeled Daniel’s

Side of the story as meritless and icious during her brief employment by lizzo’s touring company plaintiff refused to comply with instructions from her supervisors and tour management failed to perform the work that she was assigned and eventually just played hookie and refused to show up for work the motion reads unsurprisingly she was

Terminated after abandoning her post on the day of a concert in Paris France lizo at the fit forward give her FL her gala 2023 in addition singer and Company also alleged that this lawsuit against lizo should vanish because of logistical errors this stems from Daniel’s residence in New York while she’s filing

The case in California plaintiff is a New York resident who worked for a Delaware Corporation in Europe singer expressed she has alleged no Nexus to California meanwhile the designer lawyers called this yet another Hail Mary by lizzo’s teen to try to shift blame to the victims for her supposed

Behavior lizo and her lawyers can continue trying to rationalize her illegal and wretched conduct but we remain committed to Seeking Justice for our clients we look forward to our day in court where lizo can explain her behavior in a public forum because I love you hitmaker team hired Daniels in

February of 2023 to handle wardrobe of her design her suit includes the claim that dancers had to change little to no privacy as primarily white males of the stage crew would Lely go talk snear and giggle at them when the designer expressed concern the Wardrobe manager allegedly laughed and told her to keep

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