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Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign Sport Matching ¥$ Tattoos in Anticipation of Vultures Album


Taala sign isn’t the only one rocking some vultures Inc as his collaborative partner for this album just got one to match moreover new pictures emerged on social media of Kanye West getting a small Yen dollar tattoo on his arm at an unknown location Tai on the other hand got it on

The side of his head just above his right ear but unfortunately for die hards excited for the full length team up this new artwork doesn’t set its release in stone currently some fans still think it’ll drop before 2023 comes to a close whereas others expect an early January release most people though probably

Won’t believe it until they see it on a DSP such is the album rollout process of Kanye West an artist who can dangle bait in front of starving admirers more effectively than most For Better or Worse at least this new tattoo confirms that he’s committed to the project and

That it holds enough weight for him to fight for it most recently y and Tai premiered a new song unlock on the radio after rumors that their Backstreet Boy sampling single everybody would drop did not manifest as such we can assume that the duo will continue to seek distribution

And finally put vultures in fans ears Kanye West’s new vultures tattoo of course this isn’t even taking into account the various controversies that dogged this album and the Chicago artist for that matter delays beef rants canceled Live Events celebrity appearances and most prominently the actually abhorent and damaging remarks

That Kanye West has espoused against the Jewish Community the black community other rappers and more on that last note it at least seems like he’s starting a process of accountability through an apology in Hebrew it’s a small step and one that many organizations and individuals blasted but hopefully the

First in a longer and more fulfilling Journey meanwhile with the yend dollar Duo now repping their chemistry wherever they go there’s no telling where vultures is going next do you think it’s entering the ranks of yandi turbog graphic 16 and so help me God as legendary scrapped projects from the

Yeezy Mogul or will it be more of a disappointing dond 2 scenario if it drops will it stack up against his Classics let us know what you think in the comments section down below

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