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Kanye West Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Assault During Autograph Request


Kanye West is being sued for allegedly assaulting a man who asked him for an autograph in Los Angeles two years ago according to documents obtained by the blast on Tuesday January 9th Justin polosi and his wife Tiffany Marshall retained famed lawyer Gloria all read to file a suit accusing ye of assault and

Battery intentional infliction of emotional distress negligence and loss of Consortium which means loss of sexual relations or the ability to have children as widely reported as at the time the Chicago native allegedly struck papasi twice once in the head and once in the neck knocking him to the ground

On January 13th 2022 near the Soho Warehouse in DTLA ploski who refers to himself as a well-respected autograph dealer claims in the docks that he previously obtained an autograph from me without incident but this time he shouted I’m going to make a example of you and referenced his divorce from Kim

Kardashian ploski claims Kanye struck him several times severely injuring him while he was lawfully standing on public property the papos lawsuit amount is not currently reported in an interview with Hollywood unlocks Jason Lee shortly after the 2022 incident Kanye West gave his side of the story and claimed polosi

Gave him attitude after he told him it wasn’t a good time it was 3:00 a.m. in front of Soho Warehouse Kanye explained I’m saying you don’t know what I’m dealing with right now I just finished these two songs I came from the studio and this dude he just had this

Real attitude like what you going to do he added I’mma just tell you that blue Co mask ain’t sto that knockout Kanye also gave more context to his emotional Outburst that was captured in the video revealing he had just received bad news from his cousins who had returned from discussing parenting

Matters with Kim Kardashian so now my cousins are coming back and they have not delivered on it so I end up getting into an altercation with the guy that wanted to make money off of my autographs he explained I say give me a breather get away from me she is not taking

Accountability for the fact that she did not do what she was supposed to do and that added to me being in a mood where I was like I am not going to have this speaking with Entertainment Tonight Jason Lee noted that Kanye didn’t admit to punching the man himself

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