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Tony Yayo Set to Launch Podcast, Aiming to Join Hip Hop Podcasting Greats


Tony yo has been blessed with the Gift of Gab and he’s going to turn his storytelling ability into a podcast earlier this week yo joined vad TV for another interview where he teased the launch of his upcoming podcast and he’s coming for all of the greats and

Their real estate in the hip-hop space even you Vlad I soak up game from you he told the host I’m learning a lot of stuff about this podcast stuff I’m soaking up game with you because I’m telling you IMA have one of the biggest podcasts I’mma be up there with the

Greats that’s my next thing because I love talking it’s unclear at this time what yo Will title his podcast or which platform it’ll be on but it sounds as if he’s ready to get rolling this year plenty of Yo’s interviews have gone viral in the past as he made a dynamic

Appearance on drink Champs last year that 5-hour interview boasts over 2.4 million views to date one of the memorable stories came when the gunit rapper told to no and DJ efn the moment he knew Eminem was a real Anga Yo’s story took place in the early ODS at 50

Cents into the club video shoot in Los Angeles where he said Eminem backed down shite who had pulled up to the set with an army of Mexican gangsters the Queen’s native remembered how chaos erupted when the infamous Death Row Records co-founder initially arrived cameras are falling dancers are running everybody’s running he said

Eminem on the other hand was apparently Not Afraid excuse the pun this is why I always respected Eminem 50 and Eng gas that was with us Tonyo began Suge came he had some Mexican engas now we from New York you ain’t never seen a Enga with a tattoo on his

Forehead we like damn what we got to lose if we don’t pop now we going back to the hood so it’s like fight these Mexican blood and gas killer and gas or go back home to the crib might as well go all out and fight right

Here we around Dr Dre so it’s like yo we got to do what we got to do he continued Suge lights his cigar and he trying to see what you gone do this is when I knew Eminem was real he was like I don’t give a man that’s when I knew damn

Eminem is a real Anga 50 Eng gas outside what’s up and then the engos just walked away the Mexican Eng gas looked kind of confused they didn’t know what was going on Eminem came outside 100% Eminem was like I don’t give a man remember it’s documented proof told

Suge yo you killed Tupac in the middle of a party them Detroit Eng gas are kind of crazy bruh them Seven 8 Mile and gas Always Been Crazy you could ask anybody proof was a wild boy rest in peace to

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